Surprise, surprise. Lots of you want to show off your cool coffee duds and win a sweet Bonavita setup while you’re at it. We’ve seen enough coffee to make an Italian barista blush during our Show Us Your Coffee contest. You all love your caffeine, and it’s showed: mugs and mugs and mugs of the stuff, beans, grounds, Turkish delights and lots of awesome crema designs. We put it all into a Facebook album; if it doesn’t make you jones for a sip, check your sluggish heart rate.

And there’s only a few days left. Just to recap the contest: send us images of your home coffee maker or setup, favorite coffee beans, the cute barista at your local coffee house, the cup of Joe on your daily subway commute, the Probat parked in your garage, mind-blowing latte art, even a regular old cup of black coffee at the diner. Do it via Instagram or Twitter with #GPcoffee and include @gearpatrol in your comment (follow us while you’re at it). Or, if you’d rather, just shoot us an email at coffee [at]

It all ends Sunday, so fire up the grinder, pull a shot and give us the goods. While you’re at it, check out all the great coffee content we’ve been brewing.

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