Aston Martin recently decided that being one of the most prestigious and sexiest car makers on the planet wasn’t enough. They needed to be audacious. Their execution of this? Surgically transplanting the 6.0-liter 510 hp V12 from the DBS in their smallest and lightest offering, the Vantage. The Carbon Black edition adds carbon-fiber side strakes, lightweight carbon fiber and Kevlar seats, piano black accents and gloss black painted wheels, which convey the same kind of ballsy aggression as the drivetrain underneath that extruded aluminum body. With one of the best sounds money can buy ($186,000 Base), the V12 Vantage rockets to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds with grace and sophistication — but on top of a suspension composed of what feels like cinder blocks, it leaves you feeling a little more like Daniel Craig than Pierce Brosnan.

Photo Essay