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MYO Gesture Control Armband

Design By Photo by MYO

Han Solo had it right: “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good wireless armband that measures electrical currents in your muscles in order to wirelessly control computers, kid [sic]”. The only reason Luke Skywalker had to first meditate in a swamp for weeks while bunking with a little, bouncy, green troll is that he didn’t have the right technology at hand. For those of us who want to use simple hand gestures to move around robots, control iTunes, play video games and way, way more without spending an entire lunar cycle on Dagobah, the MYO gesture control armband ($149) is the answer.

Using a 6-axis inertial motion sensing unit and muscular activity sensors, the armband is sensitive enough to register individual finger movements (lots of them — check out the video below to see for yourself). The MYO will ship ready to use — just slip it onto your forearm (one size fits most) and, presumably after some quick “pairing” ritual (it communicates via Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy) and a short gesture learning curve, you’ll be able to interact with the digital devices around them without laying a finger on, well, anything. Developers with access to the MYO’s API should hopefully have all sorts of cool integration for the device soon. Scheduled to ship late this year, the MYO is on a limited run (which will very hopefully be extended) — so get your Midi-chlorians in check and reserve yours ASAP, hotshot.