To the winner goes the coffee machine

#GPCoffee Contest Winner


Good news: Based on the overwhelmingly positive response to the Fortnight of Coffee, we’ve decided to extend it another six months. Ah, just kidding. But we’ve had good rollicking fun, haven’t we? From a memoir of a former coffee roaster to a visual guide to every coffee brewing method known to man, we’ve dropped coffee knowledge and commentary suitable for beginners and pros alike — and we couldn’t have done it without you. We received over 400 photos in response to our Show Us Your Coffee contest: latte art, morning espresso pulls, campfire percolators, an espresso mint mojito, a crazy lego piece, delicious-looking pancakes, many remarkable pour-over kits and a few goddam peculiar selfies (the mustache mugs are quite awesome though). A couple hundred of you submitted photos via Twitter and email too, which we’ve compiled into a Facebook gallery. The bulk, via Instagram, are right above.

Thanks to everyone who submitted.

As promised, we’re giving away a Bonavita BV1800TH Coffee Maker. The winner, selected at random from each GP editor’s favorite pick, is this. Simple and true to the nature of coffee. Congratulations, good sir. Come forth and claim your prize at sayhello @ gearpatrol . com, you triumphant knave.


Thanks again from the whole GP crew. We hope you enjoyed the Fortnight as much as we have. Stay tuned for more special issues plus the usual dose of gear and original stories by following us on Instagram and Twitter.

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