Grill Power

Tested: BioLite Portable Grill


By now, in-the-know campers are familiar with the Biolite CampStove, the portable, wood-burning, USB-charging, cooking-fire maker. The CampStove itself can be reasonably expected to produce a small cooking fire and a modicum of phone battery juice via its fire-powered USB charger. But, as much as the CampStove expands Mother Nature’s kitchen, its culinary range is admittedly limited. Back-to-nature gourmands, rejoice — the BioLite Portable Grill ($60) saves you from suffering through camp dinners made of only canned soup and stick-toasted weenies. BioLite’s nifty miniature grill attaches directly the CampStove, propping itself up on two slender arms to deliver a 55-square-inch cooking area (in burger terms, that’s about four patties) perfect for putting some char marks on your favorite cut of freshly trapped-and-skinned forest animal. (Or you could bring hot dogs.)

The Portable Grill weighs only 2 pounds and folds up into a sharp carrying cover, making it an easy sling-along for your next backwoods adventure. The flip-top fuel intake lid pops open to allow additional twigs and wood chips to be added while cooking (per our experience, you’ll need to do this often to keep the heat going). The flared connection between the grill and the stove diffuses heat across a wide area, inherently creating high, medium and low temperature zones that clever chefs can use to their advantage and poor ones can curse at. Most importantly, the grill attachment in no way inhibits charging of devices via the BioLite’s USB port, so it’ll be a cinch to Instagram your next campsite steak.