Cree LED Light Bulbs

Design By Photo by Cree


Cree LED Light Bulbs ($10+) are the best things in lighting since the Almighty started a sentence “Let there be…” The LED chip-maker, previously content to sell their products to other LED bulb companies, has decided to enter the game themselves; the way we imagine it, they finally got tired of seeing shoddy products, and after some serious thought, a light bulb appeared above their collective craniums, flicking on with some sort of chime-sound accompaniment. The bulb was an LED, low-wattage one, of course.

Cree’s products could be the subject of a case study in “nailing it”. Their three selections, in 40-watt, 60-watt and 60-watt “daylight”, range from $10-$14 dollars a pop, offer incandescent-like lighting rather than the tepid glow we’ve come to know from other “green” bulbs, are dimmable and save 84% more energy than said incandescent competitors. And since when does a $10 product have 10-year warranty? The only one upset about their 25,000 hour lifetime will be your stepladder.

Available at Home Depot