Don't Sweat The Wet

Outex Waterproof DSLR Cover

March 7, 2013 Tech : Cameras By Photo by Outex

Problem: you want to use your DSLR to shoot some rad watersport photos, but standing on the shoreline or using those disposable waterproof cameras isn’t nearly rad enough. And even less rad is trying to fit your personal rig into a Ziplock freezer bag to protect it from the wet. Solution: Outex waterproof DSLR covers. The blue (and black), hermetically sealed wetsuit housings fit practically any DSLR/lens/accessory setup imaginable and keep the elements out to a depth of 10 meters. Safely using your own camera in the middle of the ocean, in a muddy field or on a sand dune? Totally rad.

Once you’ve squeezed your camera into the Outex cover, high-grade glass optical lenses screw onto both the viewfinder and business end of the camera to ensure a proper seal and keep image quality crisp. The wetsuits themselves are not transparent, but rather are designed to allow photogs to operate the camera via tactile feedback — Outex likens this to a surgeon operating while using rubber gloves — and while there aren’t currently covers compatible with LCD screen viewing, Outex is raising money to fund such future endeavors. This is a modular system, meaning there are covers for myriad bodies, lenses and flashes, tripod adapters and more; accessories like straps are available too. Prices vary depending on what sort of camera and lenses you’re sporting, but enjoying uncleanly activities with one less care in the world is constant across the board.