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Spania GTA Spano

Cars By Photo by Spania GTA
What's Spanish for smashed kidneys?

Spain, known for Flamenco dancing, bullfighting and tapas. Supercars? Not so much. Manufacturer Spania GTA aims to add that category to the Spanish vocabulary with its Spano, just unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. This isn’t some number built in an automotive nut’s garage in Valencia. It boasts some of the best technology the automotive world has to offer.

With extensive use of carbon fiber for the body, along with a titanium honeycomb and Kevlar monocoque to keep the weight down, the supercar weighs in at 2,976 pounds, about one light heavyweight boxer more than the new Ferrari LaFerrari. The fact that the Spano has a 8.4-liter V10 twin turbo that churns out a monstrous 900 hp and 737 lb-ft of torque means that it gets Ferrari-like performance numbers, too. It takes less than 3 seconds to get to 60 mph with a top speed of 217. Sound familiar? The seven-speed sequential automatic gearbox provides quick shifts, and the six-piston carbon ceramic brakes make sure you slow down as fast as you speed up.

The exterior design is part Mosler (front), part last-gen Mitsubishi Eclipse (rear taillights), part Porsche Carrera GT (rear spoiler) — but the profile is truly unique, with a huge oval that encompasses the doors and windows and a sweeping curve from the A-pillar all the way back to the rear of the car. The U-shaped engine cover is also something different; kudos to Spania for making some daring design moves, though we expect some small animals will get stuck behind the doors. The interior is rife with high-grade leather and carbon fiber, and the Recaro racing seats are swathed in leather with heating and cooling functions. The absence of a rear mirror is a cool feature, replaced by a rear camera that projects the image onto an LCD screen in the dashboard. No word on cost, but expect it to reach supercar prices. Did you expect anything less?