The Times They Are Changin'

Editor’s Note: A Fresh New Approach to Gear Patrol


Today, we’re announcing a change here at Gear Patrol: a course correction to provide us the time and resources to hone in on the insights, thoughts and perspectives you’ve come to expect and love from our team.

Six years ago this April, we started mining the mountains of news and press releases each day to guide your search for great products and services. From the beginning, our inspiration has been to highlight excellent things chock full of creativity and innovation while sparing you wasted time (or worse, money) on everything else.

Since then, these here parts of the web have evolved to include numerous other sites with a similar focus, and, as true gearheads, there’s a good chance you already have some of these great publications marked on your daily reading list (as you good and well should). We certainly do. Moving forward, though, our team will be scaling back the minute-by-minute coverage of new gear. Instead, we’re eschewing the paperchase for a single, daily drop of the latest product news through something we’re calling Today in Gear — the first of which is coming right up. Think of it as a daily digest of all the new gear fit to print, hand-assembled by our collective team and the other publications we trust.

Yes, that means smaller images and a little less of the team’s wit and charm, but what’s lost we assure you, we’ll make up tenfold in other projects across all of our issues like Month of Beef, Fortnight of Coffee, Road to Ironman, Bond Week, or original series including Timekeeping, Style Picks, Behind the Wheel, Defense Journal — projects you’ve gotten a small taste of since our redesign in September.

In short, we’ll be doubling down on the things we love, like going the extra mile-and-a-half to provide you with a wide array of in-depth hands-on reviews, richly produced features, well-researched buying guides, original videos, editorials, essays — and of course stunning original photography everywhere. For a few weeks, you may see fewer articles a day because of this change — but rest assured, we’ve got big plans brewing with even more original, daily content on the near horizon.

It goes without saying that we would be nothing without you guys, our loyal audience, and we hope you’ll continue to support and root for us through the transition. As usual, we welcome your feedback at sayhello @