adidas-crazyquick Adidas Crazyquick
Feedback loops come full circle as adidas introduces Crazyquick. Designed using athlete input, Crazyquick includes specific lines for basketball, football, running and training. The goal? Greater flexibility, traction and foot lock-down. $100
94fifty-basketball-gear-patrol 94Fifty
A basketball with motion sensor has finally arrived (hello, future) on Kickstarter. Who needs that sweaty, angry, middle-aged coach, anyway? $35
led-lenser-f1-gear-patrol LED Lenser F1
The only thing in your house with this many lumens is your home theater projector. Okay, maybe not that many, but the mighty little F1 packs 400 lumens and operates on just a tiny CR123 battery. There’s also waterproof matte black housing and integrated roll protection. $60
The Laura Desk
ShowPDX, a furniture design competition, takes place in Portland, Oregon, every two years. The Laura Desk, designed for Phloem Studio, is one of our favorite results. More ()
aether-riptide-gear-patrol Aether Riptide
The purveyors of an athletic life lived stylishly unveil the Riptide, a rash guard for surfers made from Italian stretch fabric. It also offers up SPF 50+ protection amongst other bonuses like breathability, quick-drying fabric and pill resistance. $75
barnaby-black-soap-gear-patrol Barnaby Black Soap & Candles
Handmade for use at camp or in the field, Barnaby Black’s line of soaps is organic and made from essential oils and bases. Their packaging is also straight out of a Wes Anderson flick. $12+
impec-lamborghini-edition-gear-patrol BMC 50th Anniversary Lamborghini Edition Road Bike
Unlike Ferrari-branded goods of yore, this bike we actually want. At the price of a decent car, the high performance beauty won’t grace our garage any time soon, but that won’t prevent us from lusting for the result of this lofty Italian collaboration. $32,485 ()
bourbon-grill-wood-gear-patrol Bourbon Barrel Grill Wood
Fire. Bourbon. Meat. Perfect, right? How about combining all three and firing up your next grill session with these seductively savory, smoky logs. 3 pounds per package. $14 ()
VIR2 SIM Cards
Get local, internationally. Unlike actual SIM cards, the premise of VIR2 SIM cards is quite simple. Use the card and you’ll have have local numbers in international countries. All the easier for people in Geneva to call you while you’re jetsetting across the Pacific Southeast. Hear that? Jason Bourne just ordered one. $13+
breville-all-in-one-immersion-blender-gear-patrol Breville All-in-One Immersion Blender
Multifunction tool is the best way to describe this new must-have from Breville. Superior to that Ninja or RoboChef in more ways than we can count, the All-in-One single-handedly takes on nearly any mechanized kitchen task with 280 watts of pureeing power. $199