KitchenAid-Pro-Line-Series-cordless-hand-blender-gear-patrol KitchenAid Pro Line Series Hand Blender
Cords are for rubes. A gourmand’s version of a modular drill, KitchenAid’s cordless hand blender with a 12V Li-Ion battery means freedom, versatility, and a mean batch of mashed potatoes. $350 ()
aston-martin-silver-cross-stroller-gear-patrol Aston Martin and Silver Cross Stroller
The Brits might call it a “baby buggy”, but this stroller’s all droptop. Silver Cross, the creator of the modern baby carriage, teamed up with Aston Martin (who designed the “Surf” chassis on this luxo-swaddling monster) for a mode of child transport that requires driving gloves. $2,976
Asus-Transformer-AiO-gear-patrol Asus Transformer AiO
This monstrosity can’t decide whether it’s an oversized tablet or a sharp desktop all-in-one. It’s pretty damn good at both, if you’re ready for an upper body workout. $1,300 ()
warby-parker-chapman-glasses-gear-patrol Warby Parker Drafting Collection
They’re described as “professional” and “creative”. We’re pretty sure becoming those things falls on your plate. But the glasses look damn good at a nice price, anyway. $145 ()
golf-course-screen-prints-gear-patrol Golf Course Screen Print Series
24 x24 inch 4-color prints of the best courses in the world won’t let you read the green on the 9th hole at Augusta, but they will facilitate those Green Jacket daydreams you so enjoy. $50+
hater-app-gear-patrol Hater App
“Hate hate hate hate”, as Dave Chapelle and crew once said. Now you can be a dick on social media, sharing crude and cruel videos, images and “rants” with other pessimists. You unique troll you. Free ()
function-snow-ultra-light-ski-carry-system-gear-patrol Function Ultralight Ski Carry System
Sometimes you just have to unbind. Function’s ski carry system, which folds into a tiny bag and weighs just three ounces, is the perfect bring-along for every trip where you just might have to hike rather than glide. $39
Jeffersons-Bourbon-Presidential-Select-21-Year-Old-gear-patrol Jefferson’s Bourbon Presidential Select 21 Year Old
A hot twenty-something? Count us in. Part of the “Presidential Suite”, this bottled beauty was aged 21-24 years in a very small batch, and we want it. Badly. $120 ()