The Geneva Motor Show always showcases some of the most original (and still tasteful) automotive works out there, and the Italdesign Giugiaro Parcour was one of them this year — though no one’s quite sure what category it falls in. Part Lambo Gallardo, part SUV and all badass, the Parcour was designed as an “all-terrain GT” car. It’s like a stealthy Kung Fu master who also moonlights as a lumberjack.

The Parcour makes use of the Gallardo’s beefy 5.2-liter V10 power plant with 550 hp and adds a nifty electronic system to raise and lower the car from 210mm to 330mm and back again, coupled with four drive settings, including Sport, Comfort, Off-Road and Ice. Consider it the perfect upper-crusty car for those times when the five-star restaurant where you’re dining also happens to have a gravel driveway. Oh, those first-world problems.

But it’s not all rough and tumble. The Parcour can brag 22-inch rims, rear cameras, an adjustable steering wheel and pedals, Biella wool upholstery, carbon fiber butterfly doors and a custom-designed ski rack and accompanying skis. We’re guessing all of this costs a pretty penny, especially since it’s just a concept for now. All you rich, outdoorsy folk will just have to hope against hope. Go pass time and count your Krugerrands.