It’s not necessarily a beauty, but you’ll still ride proudly. With every purchase (frameset or full bike, respectively), ARTCRANK donates a mechanic’s toolkit or a complete bicycle to a community in Africa — there’s worse commutes out there than morning traffic, remember? $480 (Frame set) | $950 (full bike) ()
Pelican-Progear-S130-Sport-Elite-gear-patrol Pelican Progear S130 Sport Elite
For the fully loaded, jet-setting photog: a backpack that safely carries your Ultrabook, DSLR, several lenses and clean undies whatever else you need. The laptop compartment is crushproof and waterproof; the entire bag is water resistant with padding and impact protection. Rove on. $305
Onkyo ES-HF300 Headphones
We trust Onkyo’s sound, so what’s there to worry about in the company’s first set of headphones? Sharp single arm design (they fold flat), 40mm titanium drivers and dual chambers to handle those bass drops you kids love so much these days. $179
Brooklyn-Brewery-Silver-Anniversary-Lager-gear-patrol Brooklyn Brewery’s Silver Anniversary Lager
If you hadn’t checked lately, Brooklyn is like, kind of a big deal. Save your consternation for the neighborhood’s hipster residents, because Brooklyn Brewery’s Doppelbock celebration of 25 years in the biz, replete with special labels crafted by four local artists, is going to tug at your heartstrings. After it finds its way in to your belly, that is. brooklynbrewery.com ()
elBulli-Cooking-App-gear-patrol elBulli Cooking App
Speak Spanish? Enjoy cooking? OK with saving money and getting recipes from perhaps the greatest chef of all time? While we exude Spanish flair (and siestas, those are good) rather than the language, from what we hear this clean, simple app is a must-have. $16 ()
london-undercover-umbrella-holder-gear-patrol London Undercover Umbrella Stand
Oak staves in Scotland? Must be Scotch! — wait. Or an umbrella stand. Oh… yea, that’s pretty cool, too, we guess. $359 ()
Traktor-DJ-ipad-app-gear-patrol Traktor DJ for iPad
The hugely popular DJ mixing software is now available for iPad. Sure, it’s slightly tuned down, but touchscreen DJing feels like a solid return to the music form’s roots. $20
automatic-link-gear-patrol Automatic Link
Turn your car into a smart car. No, not that smart car, but one that interacts with your iPhone to tell you what’s making that weird noise, and everything else your mechanic knows before you do. $70