Shave and a happy wallet, two bits

Harry’s: A Great Shave, A Great Price

Style : Grooming By Photo by Eric Yang
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Tired of feeling like they were “paying a tax on razors imported from the future”, the smart gentlemen behind Harry’s (Jeff Raider, co-founder of Warby Parker, and his partner, Andy Katz-Mayfield) set out to make a well-groomed face affordable. What they’ve created is much better than a disposable and much (much!) cheaper than said “future” razors. Harry’s is also simple. This makes us happy, because we’re tired of the razorblade overlords and their ridiculous “technology” gimmicks.

There are two handles to choose from — the aluminum Winston and the zinc and polymer Truman — at $20 and $10, respectively. We got the cheaper Truman, and it felt heavy, sturdy and comfortable in the hand, very far from a shoddy plastic disposable. The bladeheads (technically, there are five blades in each “head”) are manufactured in Germany and come in at $2 a pop or less, depending on order size. The razor has a lubricated strip and a flexible hinge to match the contours of your face and to minimize bleeding-related incidents. Their shave cream ($8 per 100mL) is made just outside of New York City with an ingredient list that includes coconut oil, vitamin E, Peppermint and Eucalyptus oils. What isn’t included? Parabens or sulfates, which are bad news.

Even better, shave sets including a handle, shave cream and three blades run just $25 for the Winston and $15 for the Truman, so getting started through Harry’s online boutique doesn’t hurt the wallet a bit. And if you weren’t happy enough with them already, Harry’s donates a razor blade or dollar equivalent to a charitable organization every time a pack of blades is bought. Looks like that clean-shaven face has all the more reason to smile.