silence-app-gear-patrol Silence App
Don’t be that guy. The Silence app for Android pulls information from your calendar and pre-set decisions (including a “white list” of calls that should always come through) to know when your phone’s Game of Thrones ringtone should stick a sock in it. Free
vapur-eclipse-bottle-gear-patrol Vapur Eclipse
Your flat-pack bottle doesn’t have to look like a colostomy bag. In .7L and 1L sizes, the Eclipse is a sharp ultralight hiker’s best friend. $12 | $14
grundig-mini-400-gear-patrol Grundig Mini 400
The Grundig Mini is a pocket-sized, AM/FM buddy for those lonely cabin weekends. When you’re in the mountains, weather alerts, an alarm and even just some tunes are a luxury. $30
X-Ray-Spray-gear-patrol X-Ray Spray
Never, EVER use this on U.S. mail that isn’t yours. That’s a felony. But you know, if you did happen to accidentally get a little on an important document, deep in the bowels of a corporate facility late at night, you could, like, totally see through the envelope for 30 seconds and crack that case you’re working on. $14 ()
Gladiator-Workbenches-gear-patrol Gladiator Workbenches
Gladiator’s benches are simple, sturdy and modular, so you can build greater counter space as your workspace expands. They also come in pretty much any size you’ll need; some are even height adjustable. $305+
V-Moda-Vamp-Verza-gear-patrol V-Moda Vamp Verza
The latest iteration of the Vamp provides the same audiophile-grade DAC/amp features as before via USB or micro-USB — and it still pairs up with iOS mobile devices for excellent sound and a battery boost, too. $598
Lego-Mini-Camera-Custom-gear-patrol Lego Mini Camera Custom
You may not be able to snap revealing shots of real-life celebs, but now you can snap revealing shots of Lego celebs. If that’s not your thing, there’s always Ansel Adams black-and-whites of the mountain range you’ve been building. (Note: these are imaginary photos we’re talking about.) Building instructions will be available at $38