Husqvarna AWD Push Mower: Like a Beast on a Leash

Design By Photo by Husqvarna

Location: Southern California
Yard Size: 0.8 Acres with maximum 45 degree slope. Seriously/
Times Mowed: 3 (it’s only early spring)
Beers Consumed: Zero. Flask of bourbon instead.
Bottom Line: A fun push that makes short work of grass-cutting.

While every man hankers for a tractor to motor around the yard, not every lawn is of a size to justify a riding mower. For the middle ground between a farm and a weed-whackable urban postage stamp, the Husqvarna AWD Push Lawn Mower ($500) is a great choice. I took the bright orange cutter — just released this month — for spin and found “push” mower to be a poor descriptor. With power going to all four wheels, this animal pulls like a pit bull chasing a squirrel. That’s not to suggest this is an unruly beast that will yank you off your feet; the hand levers engage the drive train smoothly, so the machine can be finessed around the tight spots of your suburban jungle. I basked in my neighbors’ envy as I made short work of a steeply inclined front yard. It’s the little things in the suburbs that keep you ahead of the Jones’. I felt cocky enough to wave mid-task — the Husqvarna maneuvered well with one hand.

In addition to the powerful 190cc Honda engine atop a large 22-inch deck, Husqvarna included several thoughtful design features to transform the often onerous task of yard maintenance to benign chore. Depending on what conditions you’re cutting under, the mower switches from mulching to bagging to side discharge, and a rear bag means no awkward navigation for side clearance. The deck height is easily adjusted at each of the four wheels, making it more likely you’ll set the mower properly, only trimming the top third of the grass blades. Moreover, the quick hose attachment on the top of the cutting deck allows you to easily clean out grass clippings that clump to the mower’s underside. Bottom line? this mower is so easy, your kids (or the neighbors’) will be fighting to cut the grass — and if you’re feeling generous, you might just let them.