samsung-galaxy-s4 Samsung Galaxy S4
Bigger, faster and still plastic, Samsung’s latest flagship has all of the improved chops you’d expect plus a few interesting twists — like S Health, which lets the smartphone finally get into the fitness tracking game. A 13MP rear camera, 2,600mAh battery, 1.9GHz quad-core or 1.6GHz octa-core processor, and gesture and eye-tracking capabilities are more than enough to get excited about.
Olga-Guanabara-Dog-Beds-gear-patrol Olga Guanabara Dog Beds
You know it’s overkill when you want to lie down in it. Reclaimed douglas fir and steel mean you’ll be that much more frustrated when he chills on the couch. $520+
levis-commuter-series-new-gear-patrol Levi’s Commuter Line
Want a piece of clothing men will buy? Balance fashion and functionality. Levi’s got no qualms with that formula; their new Commuter line for cyclists is full of jeans, trousers, parkas and jackets to make a daily ride and office transition seamless and comfortable. $64+
soulbottles-gear-patrol Soulbottles
Yet another reasonable alternative to the expensive, un-green, un-healthy plastic water bottle, these 20-ounce receptacles are made of Italian glass (not necessarily drop friendly) with ceramic and rubber swing tops and stylish designs that you can personalize. Most importantly, their production and shipping processes are carbon-neutral, and €1 from every bottle sold goes to helping people gain access to the clean drinking water we take for granted. $26
Taylor-Stitch-096-Denim-Utility-Shirts-gear-patrol Taylor Stitch Denim Utility Shirt
A sharp dress shirt that can take all the nastiness of a life on the road. We see “weekend road trip” written all over it. $145
incase-camo-collection-gear-patrol Incase Camo Collection
British soldiers in the Napoleonic wars decided it wasn’t a good idea to wear obnoxiously bright colors while marching into enemy barrages. Now that camouflage has made its way into fashion, you can enjoy it on one of Incase’s good-looking, affordable bags. Here’s hoping you don’t need it to avoid French gunfire. $60-$150 ()
leica-x3-concept-gear-patrol Leica X3 Concept by Vincent Sall
The Leica X2 kicked off the inspiration for Vincent Sall’s stumpy design, which is impressive in that it could be easily mistaken for a lens cap. The idea is for the tiny body to communicate with a smartphone or tablet for image sharing. Taking someone’s picture with the thing stirs up thoughts of Javier Bardem’s cattle gun in No Country For Old Men. ()