jack-rudy-cocktail-co-tonic-gear-patrol Jack Rudy Co. Tonic Water
You dropped a boatload of cash on the gin and vodka inhabitants of your liquor cabinet, so why are you mixing them with mass-produced swill? This tonic is small-batch made, blended with botanicals, cane sugar, and of course, quinine (suck it malaria). $22 (17 ounces)
snow-peak-lapel-torch-gear-patrol Snow Peak Lapel Torch
Fifty-five hours on high make this tiny, hands-free LED light a dependable go-to at camp, in the garage, on the trail or simply when the power inevitably goes out. $60
lab-series-pro-ls-gear-patrol Lab Series Pro All-in-one Face Treatment
Why use several products when you can use one? Your bathroom shouldn’t look like your girlfriend’s — a carnage-filled battlefield of overpriced products. Soothing, moisturizing, handling damage repair and controlling shine, whenever your face is feeling funky. $29 (1.7 ounces)
district-skates-model-a-gear-patrol District Skates
At first glance, these handmade beauties look like raw wooden surfboards. Handsome barn wood veneer decks are accompanied by everything you need to cruise the pavement waves. $120+ ()
breathometer-iphone-gear-patrol Breathometer
You’d much rather be blowing into this baby than one held by an agitated police officer. The Breathometer plugs into your smartphone and works in tandem with an iOS or Android app to give you a BAC estimate. You should never drink and drive in the first place, but finally settling who the biggest lightweight is while the cab is on the way sounds pretty entertaining. $20+ ()
burning-love-desk-pad-classic-gear-patrol Burning Love Felt Deskpads
A wool felt desk-topper for neat workers everywhere. A leather strip holds important papers and notes in place until you efficiently wade through them, you hard worker you. $52