zero-dark-thirty-blu-ray-gear-patrol Zero Dark Thirty on Blu-ray
Not sure how you felt about Zero Dark Thirty‘s portrayal of real events? The Blu-ray should settle those qualms (one way or the other). $23
airocide-speakers-gear-patrol Airocide
Despite its unsettling name (what exactly does it do to the air in there?), this purifier was developed by NASA, who we’ve come to trust just a little. The bottom line: cleaner air with a sharp design. One of those scientists has some excellent taste in decor. $800
wildsam-field-guides-gear-patrol Wildsam Field Guides
A travel guide with some heart. Wildsam’s city publications aren’t just about finding a coffee shop or a public restroom; local lore, interviews, hand-drawn maps and more grace their pages. So far, those pages only cover Austin, TX and Nashville, TN — but we’re confident there’ll be more soon. $17+
kendall-portable-speaker-gear-patrol Furni Kendall Bluetooth Speaker
A quality Bluetooth speaker with some outstanding retro good looks. Just make sure it doesn’t accidentally get sold at your next yard sale. $188
printstant-replays-gear-patrol Prinstant Replays
Just in time for the madness of March NCAA basketball, these mapped out individual plays capture magical sports moments and put them on your wall. There’s football too — now you have a visual aid while you describe “The Catch” to your enraptured friends and family (for the 50th time). $20+