garrett-wade-personal-machete-gear-patrol Garrett Wade Personal Machete
You might only be clearing out a camping spot by the local lake, but this rosewood-gripped beauty will make you look like a bushwhacking adventurer. A 14-inch full tang blade with a tip-heavy design will still get the job done, pretty boy. $80
Philips-Fidelio-Soundbars-HTL9100-gear-patrol Philips Fidelio HTL9100
Addressing the first of first-world problems, Philips’ Fidelio HTL9100 is a quality soundbar that can go from virtual surround to 5.1 true surround by simply detaching its wireless, battery powered side speakers and placing them wherever the battlefield din/creepy music/Morgan Freeman’s voice will have the most effect. $800
LUMOback,-posture-sensor-gear-patrol Lumoback
The equivalent of carrying your nagging mother around on your back, this slouch Nazi provides a light vibration when it senses bad posture while sitting or standing (and tracks progress through your smartphone). Is it just us, or does that mean reinforcement of bad behavior with a lower back massage? $150
savora-kitchen-tools-gear-patrol Savara Kitchen Tools
Savara’s line of small kitchen tools is so sleek and aggressive that you run the risk of a speeding ticket while pressing garlic. With even the slightest bit of game, you can pick up chicks with the rotary grater. They look that good. $10+
supraflux-camera-stabilizer-kickstarter-gear-patrol Supraflux Video Camera Stabilizer
Supraflux’s Picosteady smartphone stabilizer was a Kickstarter success, and now they’re back with bigger plans. Their video camera stabilizer is a version for smartphones through DSLRs (up to 10 pounds) with a specialized brake to lock (and just as easily unlock) one axis while the other two continue to float free. That means seamless direction changes and smooth, professional gliding shots. The project should be live soon, so gear up, cinematographers in training. $495+
best-made-company-Chitina-Guide-Sweater-gear-patrol Best Made Co. Chitina Guide Sweater
If you don’t have a go-to cold weather sweater, the Chitina should be on your shopping list. Heavy gauge 100% Uruguayan wool with waxed cotton elbow patches (from elbow to wrist). That’s warm. $240
bowers-wilkins-z2-dock-gear-patrol Bowers & Wilkins Z2
Say Bowers & Wilkins and audiophiles start drooling. Their Z2 dock and speaker uses either Airplay or a lightning connector dock to pump out huge sound from your favorite portable music devices. Its design is as handsome as you’d expect from B&W. $400