Canon-EOS-Rebel-SL1- Canon EOS Rebel SL1
The latest addition to the EOS family takes the crown as the smallest and lightest DSLR on the market today. Though it weighs a mere 14 ounces, it still packs a 18-megapixel APS-C sensor as well as other goodies like a touch-enabled LCD screen — making it a perfect entry-level option for the non-manhanded among us. $650+
Maide-Golf-Apparel Maide Golf Apparel
Online clothing retailer Bonobos branches out into the world of sport through their new Maide (Gaelic for golf club) brand of Golf Apparel. Inspired by the style of legends like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Chi Chi Rodriguez, it’s bound to improve your look in the clubhouse, no matter how atrocious your game. $78+ ()
Google-Keep Google Keep
Keep is a new free app from the search engine giant aimed directly at Evernote Post-It addicts everywhere. Its dead-simple UI allows users to quickly create and browse through notes, reminders and lists, which are automatically saved in the Cloud for accessing anywhere. It’ll even take dictation (surely or otherwise). Currently it’s only for Android and the Web, but don’t be surprised if an iOS version pops out soon. Free
The ACTV RCVR system is an industry first, fusing the traditional benefits of compression with strips of elasticized silicone tape strategically placed on an athlete’s skin in patterns to mimic the muscle support provided by traditional athletic tape and aid in post-workout recovery. Lifting your right arm to use the remote doesn’t count. $100+
J-crew-apolis-chambray-boardshorts Apolis Chambray Swim Trunks for J. Crew
LA-based Apolis has teamed up with J. Crew to create a pair of 5½-ounce Spanish chambray boardshorts made in the U.S.A. by the same Cali factory that’s produced swimwear for lifeguards and watermen since the 1960s. Cue the Beach Boys playlist. $98
Herb-and-Lester-Scecret-Club-Tags Herb & Lester Secret Club Tags
Something you’d never think you’d want (but you do): Inspired by classic hotel key tags of yore and centered around summer camp hobbies, six unique key fobs from the design-minded travel guide gurus at Herb & Lester. Ten bucks says Wes Anderson owns ’em all. $7
Aboslut-Amber Absolut Amber
If we had to guess a Vodka that would go outside the box on a new spirit, it would not be Absolut. Color us surprised — by this amber-colored Oak-Aged vodka. That’s right, it’s aged in oak barrels for up to six months. That’s long enough to impart some particularly non-vodka flavors. Drink Spirits has the first taste.