Nike-Lunar-Control-Gear-Patrol Nike Lunar Control
Nike’s popular springy Lunarlon sole has now migrated over to golf, combining stability and comfort with a Power Platform to improve a player’s transition from backswing to impact. That’s assuming you can hit the ball in the first place.
Wacom-Cintiq-13HD-Gear-Patrol Wacom Cintiq 13HD
File this under stuff we desperately want but will never have the skills use. Tablet-maker Wacom’s latest Cintiq offering marries a 13.3-inch full HD 1920 x 1080 display with an adjustable stand and a retooled Pro Pen packed with 2,048 levels of sensitivity and tilt recognition. $999 ()
The-Nomad-by-Uniterra-Gear-Patrol The Nomad by Uniterra
Add this Duplo brick to our list of camp coffee makers. The portable manual espresso machine is essentially a miniaturized version of a traditional lever espresso machine — the size of a 15 centimeter cube, weighing just 2.4 pounds. $165
JVC-DLA-VS4800-8K-Projector-Gear-Patrol JVC DLA-VS4800 8K Projector
4K is so passe, JVC’s already moved on to 8k… kind of. The DLA-VS4800 actually uses some pixel trickery to double a 4K image. And at a price $261,000, you should cover your Black Card minimums for the year. ()
Dino-Sanchez-KIT-03-Gear-Patrol Dino Sanchez KIT 03
Cash strapped from the Soho loft you just scored? The Dino Sanchez Kit 03 lamp can provide the shabby chic lighting you’ll need, along with some DIY fun. $75
Netatmo-Weather-Station-Gear-Patrol Netatmo Weather Station for iOS & Android
Want to put Al Roker out of a job and back to his jumbo jolly ole’ self? There’s an app for that. The Netatmo Weather Station accessory sensor and app measures indoor temperature, CO2 concentration, noise pollution and humidity in the home, for a better, morning-show-free existence.