minox-dcc-14-digital-camera-gear-patrol Minox 14 DCC
If what you really prize is compactness, Minox’s latest pea-shooter — weighing in at 4 ounces — should be on your radar. The 14MP version of their Digital Classic Camera has a retro spy look, a 2-inch LCD display and a Galilean-style optical viewfinder. $239
sac-WORLD-CHESS-CHAMPIONSHIP-OFFICIAL-SET-gear-patrol World Chess Champion Official Set
Just in time for the 2013 World Candidates Tournament in London, Pentagram design group’s Rosewood and Maple set is beautifully clean. It’s the perfect gift for that friend who knows what “castling” is. $390
nike-us-soccer-100-year-celebration-set Nike Soccer U.S. Centennial Range
In celebration of 100 years of roaming the pitch, Nike’s Centennial range practices a stern, timeless look in appropriately patriotic colorways. You’ll want the whole collection — jacket, longsleeve crew, sweatshirt, scarf and more — packed for Brazil next year. nike.com
concert-vault-app-gear-patrol Concert Vault iPad App
So maybe you can’t necessarily partake in all the wild fun of festivals and concerts anymore (or maybe you just need something to fill the gaps between). Concert Vault’s iPad app brings more archived concert footage along with suggested playlists, memorabilia and a “similar artist engine” for only $4 a month or $40 a year. You might even catch a glimpse of yourself in one of the crowds, a little slimmer and with a little more hair. Free App ($4/month subscription)
good-time-beverages-gear-patrol Good Time Beverage Pouches
An easier route to alcoholism drinks on the go just opened up. Pre-mixed cocktails (margaritas) or straight-up spirits (vodka and brandy) in durable, 6.8-ounce pouches mean less time spent making and more time spent relaxing on your next camp-outing sipper. goodtimebeverages.com
3-bays-GSA-putt-gear-patrol 3BaysGSA Putt Analyzer
This putt analyzer shortens the fix of your short game. Tracking consistency, face angle, tempo, backswing time, impact speed and other vitals straight to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the sensor, which plugs into the grip of your putter, should do a bit more for your game than whispering “go home, ball” over and over. $200
kayak-1-gear-patrol Kayak 1
When that ugly plastic kayak won’t do, this over-engineered creation from America’s Cup Boat Builders and New Zealand’s most highly regarded furniture maker should do the trick. You’ll wince and swear every time the carbon fiber hull, brass fittings and solid teak and ash trim bump into the dock. Beautiful woman not necessarily included. mclellanjacobs.com