bioshock-infinite-gear-patrol Bioshock Infinite
If being scared shitless by splicers wasn’t enough from you, Bioshock’s third installment should do the trick. Shifting from the bottom of the ocean to a floating city in the sky where a perverse American dream has overflowed its bounds, the setting and plotline of Bioshock Infinite might be drastically different than its forebears, but the powerful game play and permeating setting should be beautiful déjà vu. $60
ncaa-march-madness-new-era-caps-gear-patrol NCAA Gray Pop 59FIFTY Caps
Just in time for the Sweet Sixteen, New Era’s gray NCAA 59FIFTY pop caps are a sleek way to support your school. They’re also great for being thrown to the floor in disgust when you inevitably lose. $32
new-range-rover-sport-gear-patrol 2014 Range Rover Sport
The faster cousin of the Range Rover gets an update, looking like a stretched Evoque after shedding 800 pounds.
lenovo-thinkpad-t-gear-patrol Lenovo Thinkpad T
It’s about time this workhorse got an aesthetic overhaul. We’re not saying they’ve rid those classic Lenovo utilitarian looks — just given them a little 21st century shine. $950
crateworks-bicycle-gear-patrol CrateWorks Bike Boxes
When you need your ride to get there in one piece, these fold-flat plastic boxes are what you need. Hook-and-loop fasteners along with nylon straps hold it all together. Don’t let the Ikea-ness fool you. They work. $229 ()
oliver-peoples-for-porter-gear-patrol Oliver Peoples for Porter Foldable Sunglasses Collection
Don’t: buy yourself a pair of cheap sunglasses. Don’t: wear your sunglasses at night. Do: fold your pair of sharp sunglasses from this Italian and Japanese duo. ()
aether-journal-gear-patrol Aether Journal Spring/Summer Issue
Aether is one of our favorite clothing companies, and with their clean design and excellent construction, it’s little surprise their Spring/Summer journal is worthy of a read. They’re not just hocking their own goods; there are in-depth breakdowns of cool products like the Oru Kayak, a roundup of urban bike shelves, and even an in-depth on the science behind warm fronts. Free