camaro-z28-gear-patrol Chevrolet Camaro Z/28
Chevy, you had us at “ZL1”, but our loyalties have waned as we pine for the Camaro Z/28, with its 500 hp, 7.0-liter V8 and enough racing bits to make lesser muscle cars cower in fear. It’ll be available in late 2013.
commando-padlocks-gear-patrol Commando Padlocks
Manufactured in Michigan to military- and commercial-grade standards, Commando Padlocks are strongly assembled with quality materials to protect whatever it is you’re keeping in the backyard shed.
dewars-highland-honey-gear-patrol Dewar’s Highlander Honey
Go ahead and turn up your noses, kilt-wearing snobs. We like the idea of Dewar’s White Label mixed with Scottish honey and natural flavors. Affordably priced and damn tasty has its place in our hearts any day. $24
club-monaco-ernest-alexander-makers-series-gear-patrol Ernest Alexander Duffle Bags for Club Monaco
Club Monaco teams up with the former GQ best menswear designer on a line of bags — including a briefcase, totes, a carryall bag, a shave kit and a weekender. Careful, you may want them all. $110-$495
mitsuwa-marketplace-umami-gear-patrol Shio-Koji Japanese Seasoning
A “magical umami enhancer” sounds like creepy spam in your inbox, but it’s actually a healthy, delicious Japanese alternative to salt and other flavor additives. It’s a simple mix of koji (fermented rice) and salt that tastes mildly salty and sweet. Yes, we know vegemite didn’t go over well… still, give it a shot. $6
hansen-tivoli-audio-furniture-gear-patrol Hansen for Tivoli Audio Sound Sideboard & Radio Rack
Oh, collaboration. This one’s like Beethoven teaming up with Steinway & Sons. With less deafness, and more, well, modern sound equipment. Not all our metaphors can be awesome, OK? In any case, Hanson has custom-built both its sideboard and magazine rack to fit Tivoli products like a glove.