clint-eastwood-40-film-collection-gear-patrol Clint Eastwood 40-film Collection
Clint is great in all his phases: young, cigarillo-smoking growler; middle-aged, tough cop growler; old, get-off-my-lawn-you-insert-racist-slur growler. We wanted to list a few of the included movies, but it’s too hard to pick. The guy doesn’t miss. Unfortunately, the collection did — it’s only available on DVD. We still feel lucky. $160 ()
burton-windows-8-app-gear-patrol Burton Windows Phone App
Forecasts for over 2,600 resorts across the world, an image sequencer for capturing and sharing your epic moments (and your buddies’ yard sales), and Burton playlists for the slopes? Snowboarders might want to consider Windows 8 phones, if only for this free Burton app. Free
clarks-desert-boot-gear-patrol Clark’s Navy/NuBuck Desert Boot
A remixed classic, Clark’s Desert boot might be the splash of color your wardrobe needs this spring. Navy’s our pick. $120
easton-mako-skate-gear-patrol Easton Mako Skate
Aggressive blade pitch. Active guard built for natural movement. Asymmetrical medial side. Those technical advancements don’t mean too much to us, but we’re imagining they’re getting you hockey types all worked up like the Hanson Brothers from Slap Shot. $500 (Junior), $800 (Senior)
sly-fox-360-degree-lid-gear-patrol Sly Fox 360-Degree Can Lid
We’ve seen enough beer bottle gimmicks (vortex neck, ugh) in our lifetimes. But Sly Fox’s aluminum can with an entirely removable top is a true advancement rather than a marketing ploy. Craft beer needs to be aerated for true enjoyment; now, you don’t need to pack extra glassware on your next outing, and you can enjoy a canned brew as its maker intended it. Available on Helles Golden Lager