warby-parker-summer-gear-patrol Warby Parker Summer Collection
Spring can be a dangerous time: excited by the sun, some men are known to jump into the color deep end. Don’t look like Elton John. Let Warby Parker guide you with their tastefully bold summer styles. $95 ()
the-new-porsche-panamera-gear-patrol Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid
Porsche’s all-new plug-in Hybrid goes against the grain by providing an all-electric driving mode good for 20+ miles and 84 mph, solely on electricity. But it’s also no slouch, with 416 hp and 435 lb-ft of torque — that’s good for 0-60 in 5.2 seconds, enough to roast most other electrics like sissy little marshmallows. $99,000
northern-grade-los-angeles-gear-patrol NorthernGRADE Men’s Popup: Los Angeles
The Midwestern all-American-made men’s market takes its show to the West Coast — the City of Angels, specifically. Brands from Taylor Stitch to F-Yeah Menswear to Sierra Designs will be hawking their wares for two days only. northerngrade.com
lets-explore-diabetes-with-owls-david-sedaris Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls
We’ll say it again: David Sedaris is one of our favorite living writers. His essays turn the inane into rambling stories flooded with off-beat humor; a collection centered around his oddball world travels sounds like yet another home run. $16 (April 23)
seagate-hdd-gear-patrol Seagate 4TB HDD
Though it’s not the first 4TB drive on the market, Seagate’s is the first with some seriously useful innovation. Rather than putting all 4TB on one platter, this drive boasts 4 platters, each with 1TB, which uses about 35% less energy than other drives — and it costs less than its competitors. $200 ()
colors-cartesia-desk-gear-patrol Colors Cartesia Desk
Desk good for: a clean, unique look; alternative storage options in a series of drawers that open in all directions. Desk not good for: people who forget which drawer they put that important item in. $6,000 ()