Field-Notes-America-the-beautiful-Gear-Patrol Field Notes: America the Beautiful Edition
Yes, we really like Field Notes. Their America the Beautiful notebooks, a cross-country road trip of Americana printed on the colored covers of their classic pocket notebooks, reaffirm our notions. $10 (3-pack)
Easton-Power-Brigade-Bats Easton Power Brigade Bats
Just in time for your neighborhood’s home run derby, Easton’s latest bats come in two flavors for two types of hitters. The speed series is incredibly light with the lowest MOI (moment of inertia — feel free to look up those physics proofs, genius) numbers on the market — improving swing speed. The XL series has an extra long barrel to expand the hitting zone and provide more mass in the barrel. Not that you… need that. $260 ()
MSTRPLN-Woodgrain-Camo-Collection-Gear-Patrol MSTRPLN Modern Woodgrain Camo Prints
The name says it all. A perfect way to say “I’m tough, but I also respect the importance of interior design”. $18+ ()
General-Manufacturing-hold-n-fold-Gear-Patrol General Manufacturing Minocqua Hold’n Fold
Heavy canvas and American leather make up this fortified bag, which can be used just about any way you like. That versatility and toughness easily dispels any lingering “that looks like a purse” concerns. $165
HTC-First-Gear-Patrol HTC First
As the name implies, this new HTC handset is the first Android device to launch with Facebook home, which adds a Zuckerburg-approved layer to the popular OS for even easier social stalking. Despite the revolutionary software, when it comes to hardware it’s decidedly middle of the road. $99
Jim-Beam-Dstillers-Masterpiece-Gear-Patrol Jim Beam Distiller’s Masterpiece
Give Jim Beam some respect. Just because their affordable baseline bourbon is a cheap drunk’s best friend doesn’t mean they can’t go high brow. Distiller’s Masterpiece is extra aged and finished in sherry casks. And the price tag for this 100-proof sipper? Well, you won’t want to mix it with coke, that’s for sure. $199
wolverine-1000-mile-weekender-gear-patrol J. L. Powell Wolverine Weekender
It looks like something Hemingway would’ve taken along on his African hunting soirees. With American waxed canvas and Horween leather, it can stand up to any of your own wild adventures, safari or otherwise. $400
Facebook-Home-Gear-Patrol Facebook Home
Facebook’s newly announced integration with Android transforms smartphones into “simple sharing devices” by putting Facebook’s core services front and center. It will originally launch on the HTC first, but then become downloadable on other popular Android handsets. Free