Mad for mid-century

Time for Mad Men: 5 Watches of the Era

Roll over the hotspots to reveal watch details.

So, you’ve been looking forward to Mad Men. Transgressions, tortured relationships and Don Draper aside, it’s still hard to deny the show’s grip on our darker, more stylish selves.

That’s right: it’s not just the incredible storytelling that’s so appealing about the show. It’s the style and setting narratives that re-live a fabled American decade. Tailored suits and bespoke dresses. Cigarettes. Muted hues. The Rolling Stones and Beatles. More cigarettes. And the subtle dress watch.

The watches of Mad Men are meticulously curated, but in appreciation of its epic run, we’ve corralled five pieces of the era currently available for you to bid, peruse or purchase at will. Where you starch your matching white shirts we leave entirely to your discretion.

Our Mad Men Picks: Breitling TransOcean Chrono-matic ref. 2119, 1960s | Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, 1930s | Girard-Perregaux Chronograph Stainless Steel, 1950s | Patek Philippe 3418, 1960s | Bulova Accutron, 1970s