blackmagic-pocket-cinema-camera-tig-gear-patrol Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
A cinema-grade camera that fits in your pocket? The stuff of myths until now, thanks to the cinematic wizards at Blackmagic Design. Using Micro Four Thirds lenses, the Pocket Cinema Camera captures PreRes-grade or CinemaDNG RAW visuals and boasts 13 stops of dynamic range. All ruggedly built into a tiny body. Out July. $995
voices-of-the-pacific-adam-makos-gear-patrol Voices of the Pacific: Untold Stories from the Marine Heroes of World War II
Fans of HBO’s gripping (and agonizingly intense) The Pacific, or just those intrigued by the brave exploits of Marines in the Pacific in WWII, here’s your spring read. $17
henty-wingman-gear-patrol Henty Wingman
It won’t talk to the less attractive friend at the bar, but it will carry your dress clothes with satchel-like convenience. The garment bag rolls — with plastic “ribs” to keep your chinos from wrinkling, mind you — holding one suit and one shirt or three shirts at once in an entirely sloggable form. Oh, and it comes with a gym bag, too. $180
phantom-flex-4k-gear-patrol Phantom Flex4K Camera
The latest iteration of Vision Research’s Phantom camera has now been upgraded to 4k, offering super-slow-mo capturing capabilities in super hi-def. Specifically, the $110,000(+) beast can snap 1,000 fps in 5 second bursts at 4k, 2,000 fps in 2k and 3,000 fps at 720p resolution. $109,900-$164,900 ()
Mark-McNairy-New-Amsterdam-x-Bodega-Olive-Wool-Country-Brogue-Shoe-gear-patrol Bodega X Mark McNairy Shoes
An almond leather brogue shoe gets the full treatment with a herringbone tweed panel. Flashy? Yes sir. The good kind. $490
old-forester-bourbon-gear-patrol Old Forester Single Barrel Experience
Along with starting a bar and marrying that supermodel who loves you, cooks like an all-star and is insatiable in bed, owning whole barrel of whiskey — all to yourself — is top-tier bucket list material. Oh Old Forester, you know exactly what we like. $7,500