Hudson-Sutler-Gear-Patrol Hudson Sutler Spring 2013 Duffles
These blaring canvas duffles are perfect for the style type A personality on a 1-2 day roundabout. We recommend the sea green and white Savannah. $95-$120
JayBird-Bluebuds-X-Gear-Patrol JayBird Bluebuds X
Boasting a liquipel nano coating for protection against sweat and moisture, these wireless Bluetooth enabled sport headphones are the perfect replacement for your current sodden buds. Less funky workout residue pairs with 8 hours of play time for a solid pair of ‘phones. $163
Everest-Isles-Gear-Patrol Everest Isles Mayol Swim Trunks
The latest swimsuit from Boutique trunk makers Everest Isle considers the modern beach goer’s every need. The entire suit is made from quick-drying Schoeller Dynamic fabric and features two pockets, one of which has a “seal line” waterproof pouch for your phone. Available April 26. $185 ()
Maserati-Ghibli-Gear-Patrol Maserati Ghibli
Resurrecting the legendary name from the 1960s, Maserati brings back the Ghibli — but this time it’s a sports sedan instead of an exotic two-door GT. How times have changed.
Emerson-EDC-1-Gear-Patrol Emerson EDC-1 Multitool
Known for their hard-use knives and favored by many special operations groups, Emerson’s latest offering departs from their single-blade formula. The resulting multitool is a work of art. $185
Jabra-SPEAK-510-Gear-Patrol Jabra SPEAK 510
A Bluetooth-compatible speakerphone solution for the computer/mobile conference calling masses. Just make sure you remind people they’re on speaker to save on some extremely awkward moments. $150