Gibson-Min-Etune-Gear-Patrol Gibson Min-ETune
The Min-ETune mounts to the back of a guitar’s head and uses gears to tune each string based on 12 popular tunings or a custom setting. Just pick up the guitar, turn on the Min-ETune, strum, and it does all the work. Much like autotune, it makes things easier but undercuts credibility — looking cool by tuning and talking, for example. Gonna have to come up with a new shtick. Currently available on 11 Les Paul and SG guitar styles.
Pioneer-DJM750-Gear-Patrol Pioneer DJM 750 Mixer
The most recent addition to Pioneer’s respected line of mixers features unique enhancements for pros in particular. Its so-called Boost Color FX feature is a first for the industry and allows DJs to change the intensity of various effects by turning a built-in effects knob. The faster the knob is turned, the more the effect is intensified. $999
Coal-Cap-Gear-Patrol Coal X Otter Wax Caps
Waxing your own cap (which sounds like an unsavory euphemism, but isn’t in this case) is especially appealing when the cap is a Coal cotton 5-panel and the wax is from Otter. $35
Owen-in-Stork-Gear-Patrol Owen & Stork Badger Brush
For those serious about their shaving amenities: a brush with a solid aluminum handle and grade A Silvertip Badger hair, made in the U.S.A. (Portland, OR) by hand in a small workshop. As always: premium product, premium price. $215
Zoku-Slush-Maker-Gear-Patrol Zoku Slush & Shake Maker
From the folks who brought you the popular and easy popscicle maker (or alco-pop maker, for the ambitious), comes a slush maker for summer weekends. Much like your ex, the liquid you pour in freezes up right before your eyes. $20
Eames-Black-Gear-Patrol Vitra’s Eames Collection Update
Herman Miller owns the license to Eames pieces in the states, but Vitra is the owner in Europe and much of Asia. They’ve announced updates to six iconic pieces released in a range of previously unavailable colors, but the all-black classic Eames chair is the real prize. ()