Victorianox-Bike-Tool-Gear-Patrol Victorinox Bike Tool
It’s taken this long? Bikers are the perfect recipients of a Swiss Army tool. An L-wrench with 8 bits and a set of tire levers in one small form is perfectly in line with the biker mantra, “big bulges in our shorts, little bulges in our saddlebags”. $48 ()
Ballast-Watches-Gear-Patrol Ballast Time Instruments
Marine-grade stainless steel and a Buffalo leather strap look about as ballsy as the submarine crews this brand is inspired by.
Samsung-Galaxy-Mega-Gear-Patrol Samsung Galaxy Mega
These two new jumbo phones heading to Europe prove Samsung will test out any screen size imaginable. The series includes a 5.8- and 6.3-inch model, packing middle of the road specs. ()
Everlast-Protex-3-Boxing-Gloves Everlast Protex 3 Professional Fight Boxing Gloves
Perfect for that thing you can’t talk about, these competition gloves are packed with advanced protection but still maintain a retro look. Four layers of C4 foam protect wrist against hyperflexion, while moisture management offers a more enhanced boxing experience. Just remember, you are not your boxing gloves. $150 ()
Korg-KROSS-Keyboard-Gear-Patrol Korg KROSS Keyboard
Because keyboardists can should be able to pick up chicks at the park, too. Korg’s ivories (in stylish crimson, black and white) are battery powered and fully portable with full workstation features. $700+
Pocchiali-Gear-Patrol Travelteq Pocchiali
When it rains, it pours, even in the world of pochettes/frame protectors. Yes, we recently showed you Zegna’s take; hot on their heels, Travelteq offers a worthy competitor made of Italian silk. It’s reversible, too. $78