ricoh-gr-gear-patrol Ricoh GR
So it looks like a Playmobil toy. But the GR undercuts other compact competition in size and price without sacrificing quality. An f2.8 lens, APS-C CMOS sensor and a super fast autofocus? Say cheese, baby. $800
Geigerrig-Pressurized-Hydration-Pack-gear-patrol Geigerrig Pressurized Hydration Pack
With its innovative new pack, Geigerrig is turning the hydration industry on its head; an inflatable pouch pressurizes the water bladder to make sure you “never suck again” (…right). An available filter attachment cleans scummy backwoods water, and the pressurized system makes it easy to share water, cool yourself down and get into water fights with your biking buddies. $140
Smaat-Running-Shoes-gear-patrol Smaat Running Shoes
Boutique running shoe company Smaat introduces three colorful models spanning from regular to minimalist proportions. Engineered with emphasized heel-to-toe drops, split soles, split toes and lightweight materials, Smaat shoes are an affordable way for noobs to break into modern minimalist running. $90-$110
Cassina-244-My-World-by-Philippe-Starck-gear-patrol Cassina 244 My World by Philippe Starck
The 244 is a modern-looking, gadget-friendly sofa from famed product designer Philippe Starck (whom we love). With integrated, discreet gadget charging and storage solutions aplenty, its modular design fits any room. Put your feet up and juice up your tech. ()
FDRL-Maple-Set-Chef-Knives-gear-patrol Maple Set Chef Knives
The Maple Set by designers at The Federal is all about balance: of materials, hard and soft; of weight in your hand; of sexy and sinister. Wood used on these prototypes (yeah, sorry) is sealed for easy cleanup and safe food prep, and the eye is drawn to the shiny, hella sharp steel blades. We’ll be first (to cut) in line for a set. ()
mercedes-gla-concept-gear-patrol Mercedes-Benz GLA Concept
The German automaker should unveil its new small SUV concept, based on the A-Class and CLA-Class sedan, at the Shanghai Auto Show. With similar styling cues as the CLA but with a bit less edge, it should no doubt give other premium five-door stilters a run for their money. Look for it go on sale in 2014.