Panasonic-Media-Streamer-Gear-Patrol Panasonic Streaming Media Player
Panny’s two new media streaming boxes essentially work like an AppleTV for Android users. Both have access to popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu and feature Miracast, a new wireless streaming technology currently popular with many non-Apple devices. $80-$100
Chrome-Sotnik-Duffel-Backpack-Gear-Patrol Chrome Sotnik Duffel
As part of their WWII-era-inspired Militia line, Chrome’s new Sotnik duffel is made to go through hardships, like storming the beaches of… well, anywhere… for a nice weekend picnic or an afternoon of diving. It’s a rolltop-style bag, affording a huge maw for swallowing your stuff. Complete waterproofing means your next adventure will be even more undeterred by rain. $200
American-Giant-Tees-Gear-Patrol American Giant Tees
After a popularity-driven streak of completely sold out products, American Giant is up and running better than ever, and they’re introducing these short sleeve tees just in time for spring weather. Colorways are muted and heavy on neutrals, and fit is neo-vintage/classic. Like other AG products, they’ll probably outlast you by a long shot. $25
Bootlegger-Modular-Pack-System-Gear-Patrol Bootlegger Modular Pack System
The Boreas Gear Bootlegger Modular Pack System allows users to swap out three different types of packs, all on the same Triple Tramp Suspension pack base. The “suspension” can be adjusted depending on load, and available swappable packs include a waterproof dry-bag; the Hopper, made for organizing gear; and the Scrimshaw, which fits over the Hopper for dry gear toting. They’ve eclipsed their Kickstarter goal fivefold, so plan on seeing these packs soon. $50+
Modernist-Cuisine-Pizza-Steel-Gear-Patrol Modern Cuisine Pizza Baking Steel
If you’re gonna go thin crust, you damn well better have the crunch to back it up. Modern Cuisine’s pre-seasoned metal alloy sheet has 18 times the thermal conductivity of a normal pizza stone, cooking faster and with more intensity. Just be careful, because it’s 22 pounds, and nobody wants crispy fingers. $99
Lenovo-IdeaCentre-Horizon-Custom-Tables-Gear-Patrol Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Custom Tables
This beached whale of a tablet has already been highlighted on our site. But beyond its family sized, arcade-style gimmickry appeal (stick-on joysticks? amazing), there’s the whole problem of finding a place to set the thing. Sensing the danger of imminent “crushed by a tablet” lawsuits, Lenovo’s teamed up with furniture designers UM Project, Straight Line Designs and Input Creative for custom tables that lend themselves to tablet-holdin’. They’ll be unveiled at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair this May.