Summer Starts Here

Coming Next Week: The GP Summer Preview


Smell that? Summer is in the air.

For our sixth issue we’re taking an early dive into the throes of summer. We’ve packed three weeks worth of equinox-ready content into a fine assembly of informative guides, buzz-worthy roundups and interviews with the sole intention of making your next project, party or purchase the season’s best. We haven’t forgotten the guilty pleasures either: golf and grills, style and sports, or the fact that it’s open season at the box office — after all, what’s summer without a rock ’em, sock’em All American blockbuster?

Welcome to Summer 2013. Your official guide starts next week.

Fortnight of Coffee: 30 Caffeinated Stories, 50 Best Tools of the Brew
Surviving the Apocalypse: When The Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Prepared
Malted Madness: 64 Beers, 6 Rounds, 1 Winner. We Crown America’s Best Craft Beer.
Bond Week: 17 Stories and Roundups of All Things Bond
Month of Beef: A 30 Day Homage the World’s Greatest Food