Smell that? Summer is in the air.

For our sixth issue we’re taking an early dive into the throes of summer. We’ve packed three weeks worth of equinox-ready content into a fine assembly of informative guides, buzz-worthy roundups and interviews with the sole intention of making your next project, party or purchase the season’s best. We haven’t forgotten the guilty pleasures either: golf and grills, style and sports, or the fact that it’s open season at the box office — after all, what’s summer without a rock ’em, sock’em All American blockbuster?

Welcome to Summer 2013. Your official guide starts next week.

Fortnight of Coffee: 30 Caffeinated Stories, 50 Best Tools of the Brew
Surviving the Apocalypse: When The Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Prepared
Malted Madness: 64 Beers, 6 Rounds, 1 Winner. We Crown America’s Best Craft Beer.
Bond Week: 17 Stories and Roundups of All Things Bond
Month of Beef: A 30 Day Homage the World’s Greatest Food