Foldable-Japanese-Rain-Boots-Gear-Patrol Foldable Japanese Rubber Boots
These Japanese-made wellies are at home in rice fields and on puddled city streets alike. They fold up and buckle into a neat package — thanks to ultra-flexible rubber construction — for stowage in the most boot-austere locations. $129 ()
Icona-Vulcano-Supercar-Gear-Patrol Icona Vulcano Supercar
The mysterious Icona Vulcano supercar just debuted in Shanghai, and despite borrowing Lexus LFA and Ferrari F70 styling, it’s a unique looker. Not many specs are out on this beauty, but it should get close to 220 mph and 0-60 in 3 seconds from its near-900-hp engine. We’ll see if it ever makes production.
Koko-Charcoal-Gear-Patrol KOKO Charcoal
Made from 100% coconut fiber, these all natural briquettes are 50% more efficient than standard charcoal, burning hotter, longer and cleaner. $60
GolfSense-Gear-Patrol GolfSense
Self-analyze your swing like a pro using your bluetooth-enabled smartphone. iOS and Android users can download the free app, clip GolfSense to their golf glove and hit the links — and watch 3D analyses of each swing on their phone after the fact. Depending on how your day went, that could be fun or depression-inducing. $130
Michael-Pollan-Cooked-Gear-Patrol Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation
In his new book, author Michael Pollan provides “an investigation of how cooking involves us in a web of social and ecological relationships” and uncovers the direct influence each of the four natural elements has on the process of cooking. It turns out the act of cooking is about far more than just producing food. Except for hot pockets. Those are just about producing food. $17
GE-Cafe-Fridge-Gear-Patrol GE Café Series French Door Refrigerator with Hot Water
Filtered water dispensers in refrigerators are nothing new. We’ve been enjoying refreshments from the fridge without opening doors for years now. Hot water — now that’s a development. Using the Ge Café Series refrigerator’s temperature-programmable water dispenser you can whip up soup, hot chocolate and more without ever setting a pot on the stove.