A time-stopping piece of automotive history: '74 E-Type

The Last of the Breed

Only 59 more E-Types were made after Dave Paddison’s V12 Series 3 convertible rolled off the Coventry assembly line in 1974. “Last of the Breed”, indeed — nearly the last entirely. And what a specimen for a guy like Dave to own. As a child in a decidedly non-car-family family, his automobile fixation wasn’t inherited; rather, he learned his passion from the neighbor across the street — a neighbor who owned a 1973 E-Type 2+2 coupe. (No big deal. Just literally one of the most beautiful cars ever made.)

Dave’s classic car collection is full of models he loved as a kid rather than metal purchased for its potential resale value. This car was actually originally Joe Frazier’s — Dave pestered him about the pale blue dream until Frazier was finally ready to let it go. When Paddison fires up the middle-aged 12-cylinder a thin puff of smoke emits from the quad tailpipes amid the snarling purr of a gigantic feline predator. It’s as if the sunlight can’t help but dance with the Jaguar’s curves as he drives around suburban roads and on a deserted racetrack. Pavement is the E-Type’s natural habitat; it wouldn’t be a stretch to wonder if roads might have been made just so this Jaguar could stalk them. Cheers to Petrolicious on yet another great video.