Unqilo-x-Michael-Bastian-Polos-Gear-Patrol Uniqlo x Michael Bastian Polo Shirts
Designer Michael Bastian was granted free reign over a run of 16 polo shirts for Uniqlo’s summer line. Our homies at Selectism have all the deets, but other than “each designer shirt will sell for 20 bucks”, what else do you need to know? uniqlo.com ()
DIY-Print-Shop-Gear-Patrol DIY Print Shop Kit
Back in the old days, to build a fashion business you’d have to rent or buy a building, purchase huge machinery and printers and whatever else all separately — and at a major cost. DIY Print Shop shrinks the screen printing operation into a small, affordable kit and delivers it to your door. Included: every piece and part you’ll need to get to printing t-shrits and posters galore. $250+
Colorado-Boat-Gear-Patrol Classic Accessories Colorado Boat
You never know when the next adventure will unfold before your very eyes. Always be prepared for fishing and exploring the wet with this foldable, inflatable series of pontoon boats. Seats, insulated drink compartments, motor mounts and more are all easily slung over your shoulder when not in use. $410 ()
Toshiba-Kirabook-Gear-Patrol Toshiba Kirabook
It doesn’t just have an impressive touchscreen nearly on par visually with Apple’s Retina Display: the Kirabook features an Intel i5 or i7 processor, huge RAM and a magnesium-alloy body that is 0.7 inches slim. Available for pre-order May 3. $1,600-$2,000
Castle-Brook-Boot-Laces-Gear-Patrol Castle Brook Boot Laces
Offering hand-made laces spun from ultra-high-strength nylon, Castle Brook guarantees their product will last a lifetime (and offers a warranty to back up that claim). They’re available in a range of bright colors, and the simple sizing system ensures yours will fit. Plus the high-tech, super-durable aglets… oh man, don’t get us started on the high-tech super-durable aglets. $6 ()
Beefeater-Burrough-Reserve-Gear-Patrol Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve Oak Rested Gin
Good news: this new gin is based on the original Beefeater, rested in barrels that once contained scrumptious Lillet apertif wine. Bad news: It’s not available in the U.S. until October of this year. Good news: it’s meant to be sipped neat. More bad news? Nope. beefeatergin.com