The-Woodlands-Wool-Varsity-Jacket-gear-patrol The Woodlands Wool Varsity Jacket
So you’ve been dating her for a while now and you want to take it to the next level. Take yourself off the market in style: let her wear your modern varsity jacket as a sign of your undying retro romance. Or just wear it yourself because it’s a damn cool look. $350
Den-Studio-Blackout-Candle-gear-patrol Den Studio Blackout Candle
The Blackout candle will ensure you’re ready for the chicest of apocalypses. Glow in the dark wax keeps you from stumbling aimlessly when the power goes out, and the integrated matchbox lends a little utility to the whole wouldn’t-be-out-of-place-in-MoMA look. $25
Bandit9-Limited-Edition-Nero-II-gear-patrol Bandit9 Limited Edition Nero II
Updating the sold-out Bandit #3 Nero, Bandit9 ups the stealth ante with the Nero II. More streamlined and just as dark, the Nero II is limited to a mere 9 bikes. Better not high side.
The-Mantry-Past-Boxes-Archives-gear-patrol The Mantry Past Boxes Archives
We can’t all frequent artisan markets, but with Mantry, the finest of foodstuffs is still a reality. Each month (on what we’ll call “stomach Christmas”) a new crate of curated foods and beverages is delivered to your door. These “past boxes” take surprise out of the equation but allow you to select items that suit your taste. $75
mercedes-benz-unimog-gear-patrol Mercedes-Benz Unimog
The legendary beast of burden gets a thorough upgrade. Tasty bits like LED headlights, a three-mode central tire inflation system and upwards of 354 horsepower make the Unimog 21st century but still Mad Maxian in the rough and tumble department. See all ten new models and put some serious thought into getting ready for the apocalypse.
netflix-multi-user-streaming-gear-patrol Netflix Family Plan Multi-device Streaming
Possibly as a precursor to cracking down on users sharing individual plans, over the next few months Netflix will be rolling out a family plan that allows simultaneous streaming on up to four devices. No more arguing over what to watch on family movie night — now everyone can go separate corners and do their own thing. $12 ()