Breitling-Emergency-II-gear-patrol Breitling Emergency II
The built-in personal locator beacon in the Emergency II uses a dual frequency transmitter to communicate with satellites, making your watch (and everything attached to it) easy to track down in case of an emergency. A rechargeable battery means you can explore corners of the Earth unfettered by Radio Shacks and without worries of being lost for good.
HP-Prime-graphing-calculator-gear-patrol HP Prime
Used to be kids lugged chunky calculators with LCD screens to Geometry class and were forced to play Centipede in pixelated black and white. HP is changing the game with its full-color multitouch display Prime graphing calculator. Sure, it’s just a calculator (no email capability or phone functionality), but if your class (or syllabus) requires this kind of hardware, might as well get the best to impress the rest. ()
Audi-TT-Ultra-Quattro-Concept-gear-patrol Audi TT Ultra Quattro Concept
At Wörthersee 2013 Audi will unveil the spectacular TT Ultra Quattro Concept, a mini-beast with sporting intentions. Weighing in at a mere 2,449 pounds and housing a 310 hp engine, the Ultra should get to 60 in 4.2 seconds. Plus, the extensive use of carbon fiber reinforced polymer and a very serious spoiler make the Ultra one mean machine.
I-Click-Titanium-Pen-x-Stylus-gear-patrol TI-Click Titanium Pen x Stylus
These retractable titanium pens have silicone stylus tips on their clicker ends and feature integrated internals that won’t fall out when you insert ink refills (they take more than 45 different types, by the way). Until you can afford that Mont Blanc, they’re the perfect serious utensil. $69+
Great-Stuff-RoboReel-Water-gear-patrol RoboReel Water
The RoboReel Water is eager to wind your hose. If you know what we mean. An included 100- or 150-foot never-kink hose fits in this handy globe, and the rechargeable battery system powers the whole shebang. There’s an automatic timer for watering the lawn on a predetermined schedule, so set it and forget it. No more brown spots on the lawn, and you can tell your neighbors’ kids your new green orb is a baby Sputnik. $649
Philips-Jamie-Oliver-HomeCooker-gear-patrol Philips x Jamie Oliver HomeCooker
The automated kitchen of the future is here. The HomeCooker will stir, chop and cook your food for you, and it’s all managed by a clever timer system. There’s almost no need at all to lift a finger — set it and forget it, indeed. Ray Bradbury’s rolling in his grave. $430 ()
Sony-DEV-50V-Digital-Recording-Binoculars-gear-patrol Sony DEV-50V Digital Recording Binoculars
Sci-Fi fans pining for the future and its absurd enhancements, your gizmo has come. These rainproof binoculars offer 25x magnification, image stabilization, autofocus and they’ll record everything you see. In HD or 3D, no less. (In case you’re curious, no X-Ray capability is available. Yet.) $2,000