Raphaand-Raeburn-Gear-Patrol Rapha & Braeburn Cycling Apparel
Designer Christopher Braeburn and his brother Graeme’s three-piece spring line for cycling apparel king Rapha is well tailored and modern to a T. The lightweight shell jacket, merino henley and cycle-centric jeans are England-made and look sharp anywhere. rapha.cc ()
RAW-BKNY-Wooden-Key-Gear-Patrol RAWBKNY Wooden Keys
Getting that self-aware feeling that your Apple keyboard looks too modern and design-y? Thanks to a currently underway Kickstarter campaign by Brooklyn-based RAWBKNY, you’ll soon be able to apply beautiful, thin bamboo or rosewood veneers to your keyboard for a truly unique (hipster lumberjack) look. $40+
Uniqlo-AIRism-Innerwear-Gear-Patrol Uniqlo AIRism Innerwear
Because you really need new underwear, anyway: Uniqlo’s new AIRism line provides super lightweight moisture-wicking and odor-repelling fabric to their undergarment line. The fabric’s slight stretch also adds comfort and flexibility. $10+
Crumpler-Cut-of-Horror-MBP-Backpack-Gear-Patrol Crumpler Cut of Horror Macbook Pro Backpack
Australian manufacturer Crumpler has partnered with Apple to create a backpack specifically for the 15-inch MacBook Pro and iPad. A simple fold-over bag style provides easy access, and its fabric and zippers are highly water resistant to protect the goods. No word yet on what the hell the name means. $130
Denon-AVR-X4000-AV-receiver-Gear-Patrol Denon AVR-X4000 AV receiver
Denon’s future-proofed home audio receiver boasts top-of-the-line specs including 4k upscaling for your ridiculous TV as well as 4K passthrough. It’s also easy to install and plays nicely with internet radio and AirPlay. $1,300
Ace-Patrol-Gear-Patrol Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol
The legendary designer behind the Civilization franchise moves to mobile with Ace Patrol, a turn-based strategy game based on World War I fighter planes. Get your Sky Pilot playlist ready. Free