Beautiful things made out of beautiful leather

The Ghurka Story

Toward the end of this quick film, Walker Macwilliam, creative director of Ghurka and narrator of the video, says Ghurka’s purpose is “making beautiful things out of beautiful leather”. We say that sums it up almost perfectly. But there is more than just that to Ghurka — now nearly 40 years old — as evidenced by the tale that unwinds in the film. For instance, who knew that the company is named after elite British soldiers stationed in the Himalayan Mountains, or that the namesake occurred because of a failed purchase at an estate sale in the mid ’70s?

Most importantly, the film introduces us to the workers who hand-fashion Ghurka’s leather goods — workers who love what they do and how they do it. There are no computers or robots on the factory floor, only glorious machines manipulated by people who love to make beautiful things out of beautiful leather.