Ferris Bueller's (Summer) Day Off

Kit: Summer Fridays

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Fridays in the summertime. They’re great regardless, but we shouldn’t so be blinded by “TGIF”s lest we forget: there are people out there that work half days at the close of the week. For those lucky SOBs, “summer Fridays” are a perk that’s as mythical as a unicorn to most. They can hit the road or jump a train to the beach, a cabin in the woods or some other resplendent getaway. We get four more hours of stale coffee and sleepy coworkers. Of course, a mean boss who won’t let you skip out early never stopped a truly clever (or desperate) soul from getting a few extra hours out of a weekend adventure. You’ll have to look elsewhere for schemes to escape, but when it comes preparing for your eventual freedom, we’ve got your back in our kit covering the perfect gear for the perfect summer Friday getaway.

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Get Equipped:

Quoddy Boat Moc: $300) | Scotch & Soda Lincoln Relaxed Chinos: ~$118 | Mr. Porter Hartford Classic Linen Shirt: $170| Timex Expedition Military Field Wristwatch: $65 | Randolph Engineering Aviator: $199 | GANT Contrast Stitch Swim Trunk: $88 | Ralph Lauren Home Striped Beach Towel: $125 | Jack Spade Two-Tone Tote: $38 | Menscience TiO2 Sunblock SPF 30: $31 | Kauffman Mercantile Handmade Pewter Flask: $69 | Dan and Dave Fulton’s Clip Joint Playing Cards: $7 | Monster iSport Immersion Waterproof Earbuds: $127 | Sony Xperia Z Waterproof Tablet: $499 | Vintage Offroad Restored Classic FJ40: TBD