Bring on the heat

Farewell, Summer Preview


Did you see this weekend’s forecast? The warm weather’s rolling in like a happiness-creating tide. Though it seems backwards, this is the perfect moment for us to wrap up our Summer Preview. Sure, we’re sad to see it go, but the entire premise was to get you prepped — and now it’s game time.

Enjoy your summer, regardless of what it is you’re doing: resealing the deck, grilling like a pro, dreaming of the convertible you’ll buy when you finally hit it big, or just sipping a beer in the shade. Of course, we have our own personal favorites, ones that were as fun to make as they were to read: our picks for 7 Best Dive Watches, our summer reads, Dispatches from Cuba, 30 Minutes with Grill Master Russ Faulk, and a preview of this summer’s best movies, along with many others.

This content won’t be going anywhere. Peruse it now, bookmark the important stuff and check back with us when you’re primed for your own exploits. Don’t worry, either — summer’s just getting started, and we have more hot-weather stories in store. If you missed anything (and even if you didn’t), you can see the whole range of content by clicking the link below. Cheers, you summer-ready champ.

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