Meet Phipps, A Flyfisherman Through and Through

By The Lake, Tasmania

In this calm, three-minute video, we’re treated to a supreme visual experience by the aptly named Red Epic camera, a DSLR-sized rig capable of 5K resolution in every frame. We meet Phipps, a man who has lived in Tasmania his whole life, spending his time at a fishing shack that has housed his family for decades. The cabin sits on a quiet, trout-filled lake, and Phipps, genuine and wise, seems to be meant to inhabit that shack, to fish in that lake.

The story is of the first fish he caught when he was a boy — at that very fishing shack, on that very lake — and we glean from his brief anecdote all we need to know: that fly fishing is Phipps’s very essence. The life he leads at his remote home in the country he’s never left is the life he prefers. Under his narration, the camera tours us around the cabin and the serene lake, seeking out lens flares that would make J. J. Abrams blush and introducing us to the local wildlife who don’t seem all that wild. They seem entirely at home — Phipps does, too.