Ever since we started GP, there’s been a steady stream of notes from audience members with something on their mind. Some hilarious, some some discordant and some way out of left field.

We’re hardly fans of the anonymity of commenting (nor the trollers commenting often brings), we’ve long felt everyone could benefit from seeing a few of the highlights from what readers have to say. There’s no shortage of collective wisdom, insight and even healthy discourse that’s simply too valuable to keep black boxed in the dialog of an email thread. So, moving forward, we’ll be using this series to showcase some of the correspondence that lands in our inbox — and let’s be clear, this won’t be a platform for praise only, we’re more than happy to call out our hits and misses. The bottom line is that if you’ve got some intelligent to say, it’s all fair game. If you’d like to comment, please send your emails to sayhello [at] gearpatrol.com.

Here’s our first batch.

Your Letters

a-step-back-in-time-gear-patrol-lead-ipad Lancaster’s Dedication to Time
Re: Horological Visit to Lancaster, PA

Great article about the Hamilton Watch Factory and Lancaster’s dedication to time. I’ll be sure to pass the article to my colleagues here at LancasterHistory.org as well as the Clock and Watch Museum. And, as an aside, I’m a resident of “Clock Towers”, the condo community that now occupies the HW Factory, and we revel in the amazing space we live in every day. I get to see the details of what’s left of the old architecture on a daily basis, from the normal (exposed brick and great old windows) to the random (gears and safes that have been incorporated into people’s units). It’s a great space! And, 7 of the 8 clocks on the two factory towers both still run — further supporting Jason’s point about the dedication to keeping proper time!

Next time you’re in town, be happy to give you a tour!

Robin E. Sarratt, Vice President of Lancaster History Museum

complete-guide-to-summer-movies-2013-gear-patrol-ipad Winona Ryder & Summer Movies
Re: Summer Movie Guide 2013

I’m new to Gear Patrol, but so far have loved what I see. My note is regarding Ben Bowers’s synopsis of the summer movie The Iceman. In this, he wrote a line that I thought really belonged in a teenage girl’s diary or note to another teenage girl… He said: “ditto Winona Ryder when she’s not stealing shoes”. Really???? Wasn’t that a really long time ago? Have we NOT moved on? Ya know, if we can let Casey Anthony walk free, can we not let Winona Ryder “go” on the shoplifting?

I think it was a cheap shot and it made me stop reading his article right there.

Anna Giberson

goruck-gr2-review-gear-patrol-lead-ipad Love GORUCK, but not in Cuba
Re: Kit: Cuba

I love your website and check it daily. I did want to comment on your recent article entitled “Kit: Cuba”. While Goruck makes great gear, I would not take most of their products on a trip out of the U.S., especially to locations not friendly with our country (i.e., Cuba). Your kit will make you look like an off-duty soldier and therefore make you a target for numerous organizations throughout the world. As a former soldier stationed in Europe I tried at much as possible to blend in with the local populous and throwing on anything with MOLLE webbing was not the way to blend in. Additionally, clothing with NFL teams, big U.S. flags, and other obvious American items should be avoided.

Benjamin Minchhoff

jameson-irish-whiskey-a-visit-to-midleton-gear-patrol-lead-ipad Inspiration & Credit Cards
Re: Visiting the Home of Jameson Irish Whiskey

First and foremost, I really cannot get enough of your website. Through one link or another I landed on your page about 18 months ago and find myself regularly going back for more — forgetting the fact that most of the gear you profile on your site is only a dream for a guy like me! It’s exactly the kind of website guys can learn so much from and get so much inspiration out of… my credit card certainly found a new lease of life in the weeks after I came across your site. :)

Imagine my surprise when I logged in a couple of weeks back to see the main article on the page focused on the Jameson Distillery in Midleton — a place only a few short miles from my house. I am Cork born and raised, worked here most of my life (barring a fantastic 6-month spell in Boston) and am a proud Irishman. Yet I’m young enough to appreciate all that your website offers!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our small yet immensely cultural and proud city and for writing about it in such a passionate and vivid way. Your article was very informative and was fantastically detailed. I hope you had time to take in some of the other sights and sounds of Cork on your visit — hell, the last time we saw the Queen of England laugh and smile she was in our English Market! Be sure to take the time to come back here at some stage; bring your hiking boots, your surf boards and your drinking hats, because Cork and Ireland have so much to offer.
Just wanted to drop you this short email from a fan. Keep up the great work and thanks again!

Gary Forde

jason-heaton-staff-favorites-borderless-gear-patrol Greetings From Belgium
Re: Staff Favorites

Keep up the good work! Staff favorites is a nice series. If you ever have questions about Belgium, I’d gladly help. [Sent] from my hometown Leuven — also, the birthplace of Stella Artois.

Dimitri Demia
Leuven, Belgium

online-mating-report-gear-patrol-lead-ipad- Online Relationships and the Missing Option
Re: Special Report: The Rise of Online Affairs and Cheating

It seems there has been an editorial consistency on GP to just keep things on the up and up. I have always appreciated that greatly, and this recent article doesn’t seem to fit with that framework. This is a value hard to find the the web, and I hope this professionalism doesn’t come to an end.

I guess it is the last few lines that leaves something out. The article states that there are two options in the arena of “online mating”: to ignore this cutting edge of the “relationship” tool, or to sign up. What I am suggesting is just a third option of not highlighting it (obviously it would not be hard to find if you wanted this service anyway). The article did not focus on a very unique/creative/novel offerings in this realm, added little to it by way of critique and highlights something already well known to millions, if those subscription numbers mean anything. Along with these things is the obvious prostitution aspect that is noted in the article. I guess I just always hope for a daily WSJ Weekender at GP, and this did not seem like it would fit in there. Maybe highlighting something like building a relationship/investment with upstart.com (or other similar service) would have been a better feature. Thanks for all the quality stuff you guys are putting up. Take care.


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