Spot-Global-Satellite-Phone-Gear-Patrol Spot Global Phone
Made for the rugged outdoorsman, this satellite phone handles text messaging, voice calling, voicemail and emergency calls the world over. An available data kit allows a computer to jump aboard the uplink, and up to four hours of talk time means you’ll never miss a call. $499
2-xist-no-show-socks-Gear-Patrol 2(X)IST No-Show Sock Collection
Say what you will about 2(X)IST’s skivvy ads, but these ultra low, no-show socks with a stubborn rubber grip on the heel are a nice little secret the next time you wear boat shoes. Just don’t call ’em footies. $10
Porsche-918-Spyder-Gear-Patrol Porsche 918 Spyder
Porsche’s newest track terror is a far cry from the 911 we know and love; in fact, it’s a hybrid. But with all-wheel drive, a carbon fiber subframe, impossibly good looks and a 608 horsepower V8 linked to a 115 kW electric motor, it’s certainly an even farther cry from a Prius. $845,000
Ephus-League-Official-Baseball-Scorebook-Gear-Patrol Eephus League Official Baseball Scorebook
Take a pencil out to the ballgame. Keep score the old-fashioned way with these freshly minted books — there are spaces for scores, sure, but also for what you’re eating and who’s singing the national anthem. $15 ()
Mastered-in-4k-Collection-Gear-Patrol Sony Mastered in 4k Blu-rays
Starting this spring, Sony is rolling out ultra high-res HD re-releases with richer colors to showcase the upscaling abilities of their latest 4K televisions. Well, sort of. They’re actually 1080p Blu-rays remastered off a 4K master. Marketing ploy or realistic quality bump? We’ll let you decide once the limited set of titles hits shelves. $14+
Alpha-Warrior-Course-Gear-Patrol Alpha Warrior Obstacle Course
Complete the entire 30+ obstacle course and you’ll be a proven Alpha Warrior. Designed to push active and fit people to their limits, the obstacles — “Gut Buster” and “Alcatraz” to name a couple — are serious business, with no running in between. Note: BYO warpaint.