One for All

Breakdown: Xbox One

Roll over hotspots to reveal details.

Ambiguous branding aside (trade you my Xbox 1 for your Xbox One!), we’re predicting the Xbox 360’s singular successor to be a hit. The just-unveiled console’s first looks are rolling in, and though we haven’t gotten our paws on it yet, our Master Chief Covenant-killin’ senses are tingling.

In the seven and a half years since the 360 was released — yes, it’s been that long — most of us have settled into the niceties and downsides of what’s become a standard system for console gamers. We’ll expect the same general pros from this one: a massive library of top-notch games, a great motion-sensing system in the Kinect (still only seems useful for party games, though), and an expanding portfolio of media experiences all bundled up into one pragmatic black box. Cloud storage is a huge new boon, holding promise for sweet upgrades to gaming in general (64-person multiplayer, anyone?). And barking orders at your TV? You have our attention, Numero Uno.

Microsoft also gets credit for actually showcasing the product (we’re still mad, Sony). We’re disappointed along with the rest of the universe that it’s not backward compatible with old Xbox games. So we’ll be keeping our 360s; there’s no way in hell we’re giving up co-op campaign in Halo 1. Whether the red ring of death is dead for good has yet to be seen.

We know we’ve just simplified years of Microsoft engineers’ slavish work — so check out our breakdown for the nitty gritty on the new console.