Defy-Bags-Defender-Workcase-Gear-Patrol Defy Bags Defender Workcase
Made (in the U.S.A.) from military canvas, reclaimed truck tarps and leather, the bag is sealed shut by kickass buckles; inside is a protective computer pocket. The modern workplace equivalent of a handcuffed-to-the-bad-guy briefcase, which is completely awesome. $332 ()
Bang-&-Olufsen-BeoLab-14-System-GEar-Patrol Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 14 Surround Sound Speaker System
Anodized aluminum satellite speakers with interchangeable fabric covers and a super-capable and shapely subwoofer make up this line of modernist surround-sound speakers. The small, wall-mountable set is a talking piece (“are those lollipops?”) that can also be tucked away. $3,853
National-Parks-Wine-Collection-Gear-Patrol The National Parks Wine Collection
Adler Fels Winery paired with the National Parks Foundation and photographer Mark Burns to produce two varieties of wine that will benefit and help protect our National Parks and the wildlife and fauna therein. $2 per bottle goes to the Foundation, so you can feel drunk with generosity while you also feel drunk. $16
Postler-Ferguson-Nanopinion-Pod-Gear-Patrol PostlerFerguson Nanopinion Monitoring Station
When you’re European, you do surveys right. The Nanopinion project, put on by 17 partners from 11 countries, aims to survey public opinion on future nanotechnology innovation. London-based PostlerFerguson built the project’s monitoring stations, and they knocked it out of the park with a simple design. Each station is constructed of aluminum, fiberglass, red ripstop and packs into three ski bags for easy transport.
Specialized-Phenom-Race-Saddle-Gear-Patrol Specialized Phenom Expert Saddle
Materials like titanium and carbon keep this sucker light, and prime engineering ensures your major arteries don’t forego proper blood flow. The saddle’s shape helps to avoid snagging your spandex and allows easy ingress; most importantly, it’s comfy long term. $130
Belkin-Dyle-Mobile-TV-Gear-Patrol Belkin Dyle Mobile TV
Perfect for catching the game while you’re at a funeral like they do in those wacky sitcoms, the Dyle plugs into your iOS device and — using only airwaves (not data or wifi) — beams TV signals through the ether. It’s like a sleek, modern, individual, titanium rabbit ear. $130
Milwaukee-Demolition-Screwdrivers-Gear-Patrol Milwaukee Demolition Screwdrivers
There’s a joke in here somewhere about “being forged in the depths of Mount Milwaukee”. Featuring forged steel shanks and high impact steel caps for extra durability and backed up by a lifetime warranty, these drivers don’t need to be babied.